We are Sutton Community Project

We are a group of volunteers in the London Borough of Sutton. 
We help people in our local community by distributing FREE fresh healthy food boxes to those who are impacted by medical conditions.
We also help those who are struggling with life and may need help with getting fresh healthy food.

About Sutton Community Project

We are all in this together!

We are a group of volunteers in the London Borough of Sutton helping neighbors that are struggling during these hard times by distributing FREE fresh healthy food boxes. Life can sometimes be challenging for families, the elderly, and people who have lost employment due to the pandemic and may need help with getting fresh healthy food.

Sometimes it can be hard for some people to access Food Bank even though they need support due to Immigration status, house ownership, and many other various reasons. We supply a FREE healthy food box without them having to go through complicated systems and procedures.

To bring excess food to those who need it, we are working in partnership with The Felix Project who save surplus fresh food and give it out to charities, schools, and projects in London. 

In addition to this, some local businesses and residents also donate, but each week we also have to buy many essentials to make up these healthy balanced food boxes to distribute in our neighbourhood.

During this difficult time with higher inflation, heating costs, and cuts in allowances for many, we are seeing people slipping through the support system and some not managing or sometimes not coping due to the many things life can throw up at us.

We are here for them to support them until they can get back on their feet, to better health, back into employment, and manage things again. We also provide a place where people can just turn up for a tea & chat, we are seeing already people coming together and looking after each other, picking up a box for someone else isolating due to covid or an elderly or vulnerable neighbour. Some are even cooking them a meal, building friendships, buying toys for their kids, and enjoying being part of this wonderfully friendly community!

Reduce food waste, feed the hungry & support the vulnerable in our community

What We Do for the Community of Sutton

Fight Food Waste & Food Poverty

Saving unsold surplus food going to waste and end up in landfill. In the UK the average family waste 22% of their weekly shop, which is equivalent to £730 per year.

Supported by Small Local Businesses

Partnership with small local food stores in the London Borough of Sutton & Merton. We work together to supply fresh fruits & veg and also tackle food waste for a better future for all.

Share Free Food with neighbours

Distributing FREE fresh healthy food boxes to the community every Tuesday from the Thomas Wall Centre in the heart of Sutton.

Feed the hungry & help the vulnerable

Hunger is not just a problem that’s happening ‘somewhere else’ – in the UK over 1 million people accessed Food Bank last year. We support those who are struggling and recovering after being hit hard by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

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