Our Community

Sutton Community Project offers a safe place to sit down, have tea / coffee & a  homemade cake and a chat to people who visit or volunteers. It’s located in a very peaceful old Victorian library next to the veg box collection room, for you to grab a moment to relax, make new friends, enjoy being a part of your supportive local community and a sense of belonging. Everyone welcome.

Crochet & KnittingĀ Group

For all generations – Join our welcoming friendly knitting group today

A new crochet & knitting group has started from 18th January 2022 in the library by ladies with years of experience and passion to teach others while boxes of fresh food were being distributed in Room 14.  Wonderful to see the community finding a new place for mental relaxation. It’s on every Tuesday from 3.30pm. You are more than welcome to just turn up with your knitting kit and share your skills or learn from others.

a Place for families

We’re really glad to see local mums are now coming regularly and meeting here; exchanging information, making new friends and showing support for each other. Passing on the old school uniform that your child no longer wear to a family who desperately need it and and appreciate a little helping hand from another local mum in the area. Offering to bake a birthday cake for a child who cannot afford otherwise. While kids are happily playing together in the library doing crafts or drawing, it gives a chance for mums to chat and getting to know each other.

Free Haircut Service

One of our lovely volunteers who is a hairdresser has kindly offered to cut the hair of anyone who needs it. We are very happy to have and to help others in this way. With costs going up everywhere, being able to save money on haircuts for all of the family can save the equivalent of a weeks worth of food for a family of 4.

Free Clothing

When you collect your food boxes from the Thomas Wall Center, why not pop into the library across the corridor. This room has lots going on, including lots of free clothing for all ages.

Free Toys

Children go through toys very quickly. This is a fact. When they have finished with their old ones, or they are looking for some new ones, then bring them down to the Thomas Wall Center on a Tuesday afternoon so they can donate their older toys which have plenty of life left in them, and pick up some new ones which they will love for some time to come.

Technical Support

One of our volunteers, despite his challenges, is offering anyone who wishes to take advantage of it, technical support for any electrical devices. Bring your devices along to the Thomas Wall Center on a Tuesday afternoon. He will spend time going through the problems you are facing, advise you where to get the parts if needed and then fix the devices for you.

Please note: If a part is required, then the person who brings the device will have to provide the part before it will be repaired. Physical repairs are not carried out at the Thomas Wall Center, you will be asked to leave your device with our volunteer for a week, and return and collect the fixed device the following week.