We all want to help and make a difference to the lives of our local community. Sometimes, we just do not know where to start.

We would love to have you as a part of our friendly, family atmosphere, at the Sutton Community Project.

Things you may be asked to do include;

Unloading the food boxes and helping to set-up

We pick-up surplus food, unsold food, and donated food from our local food stores on a Tuesday morning and bring it to the Thomas Wall Centre before we open to the public.

From around 12pm (1200), we need to unload this food from various vehicles and put together the food boxes for our community members to collect.

Admin & Communications

When requests come in, from a variety of sources, we accept it, reply to them, and put their information into our system so they have a food box waiting for them when they arrive.

f you are good at writing and sending messages to people in a kind, friendly, and unbiased manner, then this role is perfect for you!

Welcome our community as they arrive

At 2pm (1400) on a Tuesday at the Thomas Wall Centre, the members of our community start to arrive. This fast-paced role helps people to sign-in and then directs them to where they can pick up their boxes.

Expect the unexpected in this role. Sometimes people walk-in without a booking, but that’s absolutely okay! Sometimes people hear about us from neighbours or see a leaflet and decide to visit.

This role is for you if you can be kind, communicate effectively, and be a gracious host to all of the members of our community.

Provide hospitality and support our community

On the other side of the corridor from the room where our community members pick up their food boxes, we have another room, known as the library. This room is where we serve tea, coffee, cold drinks, cakes, and biscuits. Some members of our community like to talk, be listened to, and share their life stories. This room provides a safe place where our community can turn up, feel part our the community and build new friendships with our volunteers, our community members, and other visitors.

This room is also where we have our clothing and toy donations tables, and where our FREE technical support service is offered from. So it can get quite busy. Helping people to find exactly what they are looking for is really important for people who take on this role.

Helping to pack-up at the end of the day

Taking on this role involves helping to pack away donations, tidying up the library, kitchen, and the room where food boxes are collected from.

You may also be asked to fold down the tables, chairs, and load things into vehicles.

Going into our community!

For those who cannot get to us to collect their food boxes for whatever reason, we may offer to deliver a food box locally to them. If you have a car and are happy to deliver food boxes to some of our most vulnerable community members, then please let us know!

Spreading the word

The more people who know about us, and share what we do, the better it becomes for everyone in our community. If you are happy to share our cause on your social media pages or hand out leaflets in our local community, then this role is definitely for you!

Are you interested in volunteering with us?

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    What do our volunteers say?

    Hi, I’m Stella. Similar to many other HK families we’ve just moved to Sutton not long ago. Gratefully I have been joining this volunteering as Food Angel for 6 months since then.

    For me, right to food for everyone is vitally important. According to WTO doctrinal terms, it means anybody is entitled to their food to always be adequate, available, and accessible. Local councils, food suppliers, and NGOs are obliged to work collectively, and in solidarity, to ensure that the production and distribution system guarantees everyone’s such human rights.

    I strongly believe that Sutton Community Project runs by two local churches, leaded under Andrew and the team are acting on a right direction to serve people in real needs, while helping the community to reduce unnecessary food waste.

    I trust many of you agree with me that caring is to listen, be compassionate, and willing to put the needs of others first. By observation, distributing healthy food boxes to our neighbour is only a means for us to show our warmth, caring, and especially for those who are struggling from hard times. Through tea and chat, we mutually share happiness and sadness, supporting each other and building friendships.

    As I am new to the UK, they help and teach me a lot to get along with this exciting and friendly community too. Anyone here can be a good carer and support other people. After all, this is a very enjoyable give and take social service that I found a lot of fulfillments.

    Hi, I’m Christopher. I found the Sutton Community Project via Olio, when a neighbour told me about it. I am a wheelchair user and struggle financially due to my various medical conditions. I started just receiving a food box.

    After some time, I realised that I could volunteer and help out at the project. I spoke with Andrew, who was kind, welcoming, and warm to me. After a few weeks of helping to setup the food boxes for myself and others, I transitioned over utilising my skills in technology and computing to help others with their technology problems.

    This is one of the friendliest, most helpful, and kind communities I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. We all help each other, and do as much as we can to make sure that everyone feels supported.

    I have lived in the UK since I was 14, and I have never felt as supported and full of warmth and happiness as I do now. This is completely down to the help, guidance, and support from Andrew and the team at Sutton Community Project.